The laws against Cannabis were made in Washington, D.C. — but the campaign to end this prohibition and allow the potential medical benefits of the plant to come to full flower.

That’s why we love the idea behind The Hemp Road Trip bus.  Their mission is to  increase awareness of the potential of  industrial hemp and showcase its benefits in the health, energy, and manufacturing sectors. They hope by educating the public, and influencing policy makers, they can help create economic growth opportunities and ultimately end the prohibition and misunderstanding of industrial hemp. .

Founder Rick Trojan brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience with the hemp community. His journey began as a personal experience that ultimately led to his creation of this project, the Hemp Road Trip in 2015.  He is currently expanding his educational reachout to other continents where cannabis legalization has led to an industrial boom.  Rick takes all his passion, experience, and global cannabis networks with him on the Bus!  If you’d like to hop on virtually, take a seat and watch the film’s trailer!  Join the quest for cannabis freedom!

If you’d like to help with the gas, (bus unfortunately not hemp powered!) you can Support the Hemp Road Trip on IndieGoGo.

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