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George Washington wrote letters advising people on cannabis cultivation – and indeed, he was quite the expert on how to properly separate male and female cannabis plants. Thomas Jefferson not only grew cannabis, he smuggled the seeds into France. And James Madison has been quoted saying that hemp inspired him to find a new nation based on democratic principles!

Wow! One if by land, Two if by Weed!

But even more than those guys, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of Pennsylvania, loved hemp the most of all. He started the first commercial hemp operation in America there – so its only fitting that hemp is about to become an epicenter of hemp production back in the original 13 colonies – and along the rest of the #AtlanticWeedBoard.

Pennsylvania was already considering hemp cultivation, but when the2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of low-THC industrial hemp, Pennsylvania scrapped its pilot program.  So instead of that program’s 84 licensed growers with a maximum of 100 acres, now everyone can grow without limits. Looks like a Hemp CBD revolution in the Keystone state looks like a lock.

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