Amid cheers and in some cities a plume of pot smoke, today Canada became the largest country to make cannabis legal for adults to use medically or recreationally.

Alicia Wright, 38, was one of the first customers at the NSLC Cannabis store in Halifax, Nova Scotia this morning, paying about C$45 for 3.5 grams of pot and a grinder. The line was 130-people deep by the time the store opened at 10 a.m. local time and the mood festive as a store manager walked down the line telling everyone to have ID ready.

“I was happy to see vaporizers here because I know that combustion is really maybe not the top choice for a lot of people, so there’s a variety of ways to consume,” Wright said. She’s hoping to see more variety in the future. “I’ve benefited from oil, so I was hoping that would be an option today. It’s not but I know that it’s coming.” Read more on

WhileMonica Zang at WordOnTheTree reports

The Canadian Federal Government is moving to pardon Canadians with cannabis possession convictions. According to The Toronto Star the government intends to grant pardons and not record expungement or amnesty to individuals who were convicted of possessing 30 grams or less of cannabis. The 30-gram limit is the amount that Canadians are allowed to possess under the new legalization law. The public safety minister said that legislation is coming. It’s still unclear what the pardon process will be. BuzzFeed News

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