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"That was my light bulb moment that this could really work. This could be something that changes my life,
and other people's lives as well."

~Brittany Carbone, Founder, Tonic CBD

When Brittany Carbone was naming the line of CBD products she had created, only one word really fit – Tonic – “a medicinal product taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being.”

Tonic more than lives up to that name.  All Tonic products are made from a single origin, full spectrum distillate, sourced directly from their own organic sun-grown hemp farm, Tricolla Farms.  Their exclusive blend combines the CBD with Black Seed Oil, and the resulting entourage effect elevates the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of each dose.

We also love that Tonic is not only owned and run by a woman, but they’re an all-woman company too – which includes Brittany’s mom, who’s the head of shipping!



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