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"We really try to convey our hearts, souls, love and intention in every aspect of what we do."

~ Ben Acadia Morgan-Dillon, Farmer and Founder, Acadia Farms

Acadia Farms products are made with love – from their plants all the way through to their oils and topical products. In fact, each of Acadia’s formulations was originally created for one of founder Ben Morgan-Dillon’s family members — and he makes sure every product is made with the same care and attention he would expect for his own family.

We appreciate that Acadia Farms takes making their remedies seriously. All their ingredients are organic, and all products are extracted and bottled in an ISO clean room under OSHA regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

But ultimately, CBD products — even Acadia Farms’ — are only as good as their organic hemp CBD.

And that’s where Ben’s encyclopedic knowledge of growing cannabis comes into play. He searched for the perfect Hemp CBD genetics that would thrive in Southeastern Massachusetts, and he and his team spend the summer months hand growing all the sun-grown organic CBD that will end up in Acadia Farms products. Watch the videos to find out more about Ben, his family, and the remarkable Acadia Farms products.

Salves, Sticks & Roll On

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