Dr. Dina is one of the pioneers in the legal cannabis industry. Introduced to marijuana by Snoop Dog at a friend’s house as a teen in California, she later noticed how cannabis eased her stomach pain in college and began her career in medical cannabis as a way to help a friend with cancer.

From the start, she was a strong advocate for mainstreaming medical marijuana and worked with a physician to create a doctor’s office to provide safe access to medical cannabis.  When she reconnected with Snoop and got him his first legal cannabis letter of recommendation, he gave her the nickname

“Dr. Dina.”  She now runs a successful dispensary and counts Snoop, 2Chainz, and Timbaland, as well as many Hollywood celebrities and other VIPs among her clients.


“I was surprised that the people coming in for adult use all have medical conditions,” Dr. Dina reveals.  “They are telling me ‘I don’t want to take pills anymore. I’d rather be on cannabis.’”
— Dr. Dina

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